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  • Welcome to the Wheeler Moodle Site.

    This Moodle LMS contains classes I have developed over the years as well as giving me an opportunity to share some cool technology that I have tripped over in my travels. big grin

    Guest Access to the courses is available. To check out one of the classes, click on the class title and click the link for guest access.

    Content on this web site is licensed under Creative Commons (CC). You are free to download (click the link to download) Exploring Web 2.0 and/or Multimedia and Moodle for use on your learning management system. As the course originator, I do ask that you provide a link back to and

    Thank you,
    Shawn Wheeler

Available Courses

  • Topics in this course include:

    Pens, highlighting and erasing
    Hand Writing & Recognition
    Controlling & Manipulating
    Objects, Images and Flash Video
    Screen Shade
    Dual / Single Page Display
    Saving & Exporting Notebooks
    Web Pages
    Image File

  • Tolleson Elementary – SMART SLATE (AirLiner)

    Familiarize yourself with the basics of the SMART SLATE (AirLiner)

    Participant will become familiar with:

    Oh and checking for understanding smile

  • Welcome to the Exploring Web 2.0 class. This site has been developed to assist others in acquiring knowledge about Web 2.0 topics. In essence, I would like you to learn something. This course was developed to be delivered to staff of the Peoria Unified School District. However, it will be made available to the world to use and learn.

    Because a number of these tools are filtered within PUSD, it will be necessary for student to complete their assignments from the comfort of their own home or neighborhood library.

    For information on using this course on your own LMS, see the "Read Me" file located inside this course.

  • Multimedia and Moodle

    Topics include - Audio, Video, PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Flash, video conversion, Photostory, TeacherTube Images etc…

    Note: The information contained in this Moodle course was designed to be used in an in person class.The student used the content in this course to recreate their own multimedia items then load their work into another Moodle class.All instruction was delivered in person.

    For information on using this course on your own LMS, see the "Read Me" file located inside this course.

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