Bio of Shawn Wheeler

Shawn Wheeler is Director or Interactive Technologies for Audio Enhancement where is focuses his attention helping school district realize the educational power of VIEWPath, SAFE and classroom Audio systems. Shawn has a rich history in education. Over the past twenty years, Shawn has served as the Executive Director of Technology for the Tolleson Elementary School District, Director of System Solutions (Western Region) for SAFARI Montage, Director of IMT – Services & Training for the Peoria Unified School District in Glendale, Arizona and an adjunct instructor for Northern Arizona University and he began his career as a classroom teacher in the Peoria District.

In addition to his work experience Shawn is the author of several whitepapers and podcasts. He also has written two books, including “The World Wide Web and Your School District” which has been acquired by Microsoft. He has presented at many Southwest and National Conferences, including NECC, (Now ISTE), and TechEd and has been a Microsoft-sponsored featured speaker. He also produces Adventures in Podcasting ( as well as his blog, Shawn Wheeler's Thoughts on Education & Technology. ( Additional information is available on this web site. (

Shawn’s background includes serving as project manager for several wireless laptop deployments, creating custom training materials, deploying a large-scale educational web portal, and serving on several educational technology advisory boards.