Adventures in Podcasting Episode 124

Podcast 124 published Sunday October 26, 2008 describes some of the challenges and processes I went through with bringing Podcasting and RSS to the Peoria Unified School District.

In this episode…
PUSD Podcasting Updates (1:40)
PUSD RSS Updates (6:40)
RSS & Podcasting Tools (7:10)
Other items worth mentioning.. (8:50)

PUSD Podcasting Updates (1:40)

Dr. S. does another pod and vod cast to the staff and community and I can’t login <sad face>

More on digital audio, digital video and Professional Development… Learning Through Digital Story Telling!

PUSD RSS Updates (6:40)

No news is good news.

RSS & Podcasting Tools (7:10) works as an RSS via email.  Now to replace all the PUSD feeds.

Other items worth mentioning (8:50)

Great information from Peggy George

Project iRead

Project iRead is a group of pilot teachers who are exploring using new tools to improve student reading. Teachers are using digital audio tools (iPods, mics, Garageband, iTunes, and various accessories) to improve reading processes. Teachers meet on a monthly basis to exchange ideas and strategies. We have started collecting data about fluency rates – this has been very promising. Initial areas of focus have included:

  • Self Reflection – student reads, records his/herself, listens to it and compares it to text being read and will start Miscue Analysis – class assessment: student reads passage; teacher analyzes and records errors on paper
  • Universal Access – passage recorded w/ questions
  • Echo Reading – skilled reader records passages; student listens to and tries to read passage, imitating reader
  • Readers Theatre – students are recorded using GarageBand

Pt England students have become experienced podcasters since we published our first episode back in August 2005. Our flagship podcast, Korero Pt England – or KPE, has a global audience and won our school the ComputerWorld Excellence Award in 2006. We also produce kpeTV as a video podcast.

Podcasting Birthday voice thread.,871

From the blog of Jeff Utecht a post about parent communication.

Something else that we did the last two years I was working as the computer guy was do a weekly podcast highlighting a different class each week. Friday mornings we would broadcast it to the whole school and then put it online for parents to access. Again, very popular with parents and the kids themselves.

Parent Communication: From Print to Digital

Incredible research project on blogging and podcasting!

“While the results showed a similar upward trend for all schools, the greatest improvements were seen in the schools that were trialing podcasting (across all three categories – achievement, attitude and behaviour).”

Riptide Furse (Fred Delventhal) created this blog to add new podsafe music for every day of the year. (30 seconds long and  loopable)

This year’s podcast award shown at The Teacher’s Podcast.

From Chris Smith at Shambles. Net

I’ve evolved through different RSS readers over the years (so long already) …. from

a) Firefox Plug-in : Wizz RSS News Reader =>

b) Bloglines :  =>

c) Google Reader

At a conference in Shanghai a few weeks ago I saw someone using a Web 2.0 Start page as their RSS Reader/Aggregator which I thought was novel.

Now it’s a long time since I’ve looked closely at Web 2.0 start pages … in fact I have a list at

I always was a big fan … and I’m pleasantly surprised how much they have evolved since the early days ….

So much so I devoted a couple of hours to seeing how well one could deal with all of my feeds …. which I’ve been drowning under ….. and the result can be seen at

The IMT Training Center recently had the privilege of working with second graders and high school students on a cool technology integration project! Mrs. Dow’s second graders from Paseo Verde created a music video to enter a contest for $25,000 worth of classroom technology. A few students from Ken Keene’s media class at CeHS helped by videotaping and editing the final project. It was quite AWESOME to see these high school kids working so closely with the second graders! What fun!

We wanted to share the final project with you in hopes that you’ll visit the website and add some positive comments about the video. eInstruction will be selecting the finalists by the end of next week, at which time the public will be allowed to vote. Right now it’s important for the judges to see positive comments, good ratings, and lots of hits to the video’s site. (You’ll need to register to do those things, but it doesn’t take long!) We thought you’d enjoy seeing the video, and perhaps you’ll share it with your staff so they can participate, too!

My Web 2.0 class is off to a grand start.

Multimedia and Moodle scheduled… Just three weeks away!

Adventure in Podcasting is now broadcast every two weeks.  Sorry, folks, that job thing is just getting the best of me.  See you in two weeks.

And finally, my name Shawn Wheeler and I welcome your comments and feedback. Drop me a note… my email address is –

Remember, it is important enough to say to the class, it is important enough for the class to hear it again… Say it again with Podcasting! or What would you say… If the world could hear?

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