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Welcome, my name is Shawn Wheeler; currently I am the Chief Technology Officer for Galaxy Next Generation and Interlock Concepts. In this position, I draw on my extensive experience in the field of Educational Technology to guide the development of software and hardware technologies to aid schools and districts in their day-to-day operations.

I began my career in education teaching 7th and 8th grade Technology Life Careers in the fall of 1993 for the Peoria Unified School District, (Arizona). I love teaching and technology. These two passions have led me on a phenomenal adventure the past twenty-five years which is why I have put this digital portfolio together.

Why a digital portfolio?

In the past, this URL was used to host my resume. However, I discovered it is difficult to highlight and celebrate professional accomplishments on a modern resume. Additionally, I realize the value of a central location to share information with colleagues and friends.

This current page is the fourth version of my digital portfolio. As we all know, styles and technology is constantly evolving. While I never profess to be “hip” or “cool”, change is good.

Final note…

An African proverb says "Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or be killed. Every morning in Africa a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve. So, whether you're the lion or gazelle, when the sun comes up, start running."




Shawn Wheeler Pod Casting

2020 entered the world, well interesting and Shawn’s professional life was no less interesting. The company he had been working for was acquired by Galaxy Next Generation and Shawn assumed the position of Chief Technology Officer. In this position Shawn will guide the development direction of new products while expanding the market reach of the company’s existing products both in the IP Bell & Intercom and Interactive Flat Panel market.

2019 - 2014 was a new adventure for Shawn Wheeler, April of that year he began two new concurrent roles with a startup group. His first role, Director of Integrated Learning for Ehlert Solutions Group where he draws on his experience in the field of Educational Technology as he assists schools’ systems design and deployed technologies ranging from video surveillance systems, building level bell and Intercom system, classroom audio and video streaming and on demand solutions. His second role, Chief Evangelist for Interlock Concepts, where in addition to evangelizing their products, he works extensively with the manufacturing process from concept, design, testing, documenting, training and finally sales and implementation.

Prior to April 2014, Shawn was the Director or Interactive Technologies for Audio Enhancement where his focuses were helping school district realize the educational power of VIEWPath, SAFE and classroom Audio systems. Shawn has a rich history in education. Over the past twenty-five years, Shawn has served as the Executive Director of Technology for the Tolleson Elementary School District, Director of System Solutions (Western Region) for SAFARI Montage, Director of IMT – Services & Training for the Peoria Unified School District in Glendale, Arizona and an adjunct instructor for Northern Arizona University and he began his career as a classroom teacher in the Peoria District.


Shawn Wheeler Reflection



8558 W Pershing • Peoria, AZ 85381 • (602) 466-8855 •

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Executive Director of Technology with more than 25 years of experience in the Education Industry seeking a new opportunity. Extensive experience analyzing business and educational processes and overseeing the design, installation, and implementation of new technologies and systems. Well-developed skills managing department budgets, purchasing new equipment, negotiating pricing, managing vendor relationships, and supervising and training staff. Dedicated leader with outstanding communication skills and a proven track record of success providing information technology leadership for a school district with more than 40 sites, 30,000 students, and 3,000 employees.
Areas of Expertise

Design, Installation & Implementation of New Technologies | IP Audio | IP Video | Learning Management Systems | Purchasing | Vendor Management | Budget Management | Technology System Upgrades | Contract Negotiations


Ehlert Solutions Group & Interlock Concepts, Sandy UT April 2014 – Present
Start-up Companies – Ehlert Solutions Group an educational design and consulting company with an installation arm. Interlock Concepts a manufacture and sales organization building cutting edge products for the K-12 educational market with a focus on audio, video, bells, public address, and surveillance.

Director of Integrated Learning (Ehlert Solutions Group) | Chief Evangelist (Interlock Concepts)

  • Manage the business development and business Phoenix Bell and Paging.
  • Develop technical and training documentation for all developed and OEM products.
  • QA, test and trouble-shoot OEM software applications.
  • Design, install, deploy, train and maintain IP Intercom Systems.
  • Integrate IP Intercom systems to cloud hosted VOIP providers.
  • Design, install, deploy, train and maintain IP Video delivery systems.
  • Provide direct and video-based training for Interlock Concepts dealers.
  • Provide direct and video-based training for end-user customers of Ehlert Solutions Group.
  • Manage manufacturing and delivery of products.
  • Generate responses to RFP’s, RFI’s, Submittals, Owners Manuals etc...
  • Work directly with customers both dealer and end user ensuring a positive experience with both Ehlert Solutions Group and Interlock Concepts.
  • Test, trouble-shoot and demonstrate software application hosted virtual servers’ cloud-based servers (Azure).
  • Manage cloud-based company SharePoint system.
  • Manage company Office 365 accounts.

Audio Enhancement, Bluffdale, UT January 2012 – March 2014

A manufacturer of classroom amplification systems with offices throughout the United States and annual sales revenue of $20 Million.

Director of Innovative Technologies

  • Manage the business development and business strategy for the SAFARI Montage/VIEWpath educational software product.
  • Establish pricing, sell directly to customers, and train sales staff on how to position product and establish value with customers; provide pre-sale design support for sales team.
  • Provided post-sale implementation and training support to customers.

Tolleson Elementary School District, Tolleson, AZ 2009 – 2011

A school district with 6 sites, 4 schools, 3000 students, and 250 staff members.

Executive Director of Technology

  • Provided strategic leadership and direction for all technology used in the district for classroom and business operations.
  • Created, tracked, and monitored a $750,000 technology budget.
  • Specified technology needs and worked with vendors to obtain the best pricing while keeping the district within legal purchasing requirements.
  • Managed and oversaw the implementation and installation of new and upgraded software systems and technologies.
  • Managed and supervised 3 employees and 3 consultants; hired and trained staff on new technologies.

Key Accomplishments

  • Managed the installation of new technologies, including New Active Directory Domain, Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010, Lync 2010, Data Protection Manager, SQL 2008, System Center and Configuration Manager, Hyper V deployment, Windows 7 and Office 2010 upgrades.
  • Trained staff on SharePoint 2010, Lynch 2010, SMART Board Notebook Software, and Office 2010.
  • Facilitated the purchase and implementation of a new Student Information System.
  • Purchased and deployed the SAFARI Montage Video System and Moodle Learning Management System.

SAFARI Montage, Phoenix, AZ 2009 – 2009

SAFARI Montage provides K-12 school districts with a comprehensive solution for their digital media distribution and visual instruction needs.

Director of Systems Solutions – Western Region

  • Provided technical pre-sales system design and configuration consulting.
  • Managed and oversaw installation, implementation, and training.
  • Facilitated administrative and end-user training.
  • Collaborated with software development team and provided customer feedback on what features to add to future versions of the software.

Peoria Unified School District, Peoria, AZ 1993 – 2009

A school district with more than 40 sites, 30,000 students, and more than 3,000 employees.

Director of Information Technology – Technology and Training (2004 – 2009)

  • Managed and oversaw technology training for the district; supervised and led a team of trainers and 2 Media Specialists.
  • Provided leadership to the district in new technology for classroom education and business operations.
  • Specified new software and equipment, managed all site design and hardware, and performed maintenance of all public-facing websites.
  • Tested, vetted, and recommended all education technology tools.

Key Accomplishments

  • Designed and implemented a plan to move the district web site to a Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.
  • Designed, planned, and implemented a training program to teach employees and students how to use Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Services
  • Planned and managed the deployment of specialized technology projects including mobile wireless laptop centers and mobile projector carts.
  • Co-authored the district’s Technology Policy.
  • Installed and deployed the first Learning Management System; located, purchased, and implemented the replacement of the Blackboard LMS to the Moodle LMS.
  • Brought podcasting and videocasting to the district; facilitated move to become one of the first school districts in the nation to broadcast and record all school board meetings live.
  • Received Technology Coordinator of the Year Award by the Arizona Technology in Education Alliance.

Technology Training Specialist 1997 – 2004
Technology Life Careers Teacher 1993 – 1997

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ 2001 – 2009
Adjunct Faculty

Ottawa University, Phoenix, AZ 2001 – 2003
Adjunct Faculty


Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ, Master’s Degree in Vocational Education
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ, Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology Education
Arizona Teaching Certificate
SAFARI Montage Certified Designer, Installer and Trainer


Microsoft WIndows 3.1 Program Manager

Keeping your eye on the horizon is a life requirement, it is also good to know where you have been and how you got there. The last twenty-five years have provided me with many great opportunities that made for great memories. Today, the items listed on this archive page no longer have the relevancy they once had, it is nice to look back and reminisce. Besides, some of the “wicked cool” stuff on this page still works!

The rest of the section is broken into four specific sections:


Speaking in front of a classroom for an educator is considered normal. However, getting up in front of a group of peers is not. Back in the year 2000 as a young Training Specialist, I had tripped over the ability to send email directly from Microsoft Word. This discovery created a “news-letter” class and with the encouragement of my boss, my first public speaking opportunity. Over the next 7 years I spoke at state and national educational trade shows.

October 2007: 21th NSBA T + L Conference(Nashville Tennesee)
“ Say it Again: Improving Student Learningthrough Podcasting” Presenter

July2007: ACTEAZ (Association for CareerTechnical Education of Arizona) SummerConference
“Say itAgain with Podcasting” Presenter

July2007: National School Public RelationsAssociation (NSPRA)
"The Skinny on Podcast, Webcast and Blogs"Co-Presenter

April 2007: 6th AnnualWay Out West (WOW) Conference
“ Say it Again: Improving Student Learningthrough Podcasting” Presenter

November 2006: 20th NSBA T + L Conference(Dallas Texas)
“Everyday Technology That Works for EveryStudent” Co-Presenter
“ Say it Again: Improving Student Learningthrough Podcasting” Presenter

July2006: ACTEAZ (Association for CareerTechnical Education of Arizona) SummerConference
“Say itAgain with Podcasting” Presenter

July2006: ADE Leading Change Institute
“Using Technology to Promote Leadership andIncrease Communication” Presenter

May2006: 5th Annual Way Out West (WOW)Conference
“Say itAgain with Podcasting” Presenter

March 2005: 24th Annual MECC Conference
“Leave No Person Behind: Training Built forToday, Tomorrow, and…” - Co-Presenter

October 2004: Peak PerformanceConference
“All AboutMovie Maker 2” – Co-Presenter

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Over the years, I have had the opportunityto work on some very cool projects and on afew occasions, I sat down at the keyboardand put bits to hard drive.

As the Wide World Web was emerging, I was workingon creating a method for Peoria UnifiedSchool District teachers to create andpublish their own web sites. Once the process was worked out, I wanted to sharewhat I had learned with others, thus Learn Internet Information Systems was created. Learn IIS is a book designed to teach the non-technical person how to setup andmaintain a Windows 2000 server for their school district complete with a data base driven staff site list.

Click here to visit the Learn IIS web site.

As the Wide World Web proliferated throughout the country and multiple computer homes became the norm, our office began taking more calls from staff asking how to connect multiple computers to the internet. Being a Career & Technical Education teacher, I thought introducing basic networking to 7th and 8thgrade students would be a worthy addition to the curriculum. Over a holiday vacation, I started the prototype unit for a mobile networking lab. Three 7th grade ladies who successfully completed the project with time to spare completed the beta testing of this project. Unfortunately, budget constraints stopped this project before it was implemented.

Click here to view The Mobile Network Training Lab site (PDF)

Several years ago the wireless accesspoint forever changed personal computing in the home and in the schools. During this time, Peoria Unified Schools began a large rollout of laptop computers in a cart configuration. As with any implementation of new technology, we were faced with challenges and opportunities to learn. With helping others in mind, my former supervisor Ladd Bausch and I created a white paper titled The Wireless Classroom.

Click here to view The Wireless Classroom (PDF)

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Training Material

Smart Notebook Classes

Boring to Wicked Cool with Word 2010

Files used or to demo

Boring to Wicked Cool with PowerPoint 2010

Files used or used to demo


Audio files to practice with Audacity

Windows 7 - PPT and Video Files

Windows 7 Video's.

Click a title below to view.

  1. Accessing Programs
  2. Searching for other items in Windows 7
  3. Pinning the Start menu and the Task bar
  4. Peekaboo! Show Desktop
  5. Sticky Notes (Post it notes that will not fall)
  6. Snipping Tools (Screen Shots)
  7. Windows Controls and views
  8. Windows More Controls
  9. Windows Classic Menu
  10. Windows 7 Presentation Controls

Office 2010 General Skills

  1. Creating New Files
  2. Word Save File As...
  3. PowerPoint Save File As...
  4. Document Properties
  5. Printing and Print Preview
  6. Quick Access Toolbar (Some extra cool stuff too!)
  7. The Ribbon and customizing
  8. Selecting Text
  9. Clipboard
  10. Fonts Styles and...
  11. Find & Replace
  12. Screen Shots
  13. Images, Clip Art, Shapes & Smart Art
  14. Review, Reference & Spelling
  15. Headers & Footers

Outlook 2010

  1. Fining & Launching Outlook
  2. Reading Pane, Arrangement & Conversations
  3. Global Address List & School Address List
  4. Personal Address and Distribution List
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What Did I Sign Up For!

This section contains documents and files used in the presentation, "What Did I Sign Up For!

So you want to be a podcaster

This section contains documents and files used in the presentation,
"So you want to be a podcaster"

  • PowerPoint with speaker notes (2.5 megs)
  • MP3 audio podcast to accompany the PowerPoint  (14.6. megs)
  • M4A enhanced podcast (17.1 megs)
  • WMV video - PowerPoint and audio combined 640 x 480 resolution  (29.2 megs)
  • WMV video - PowerPoint and audio combined 320 x 240 resolution (12.1 megs)
  • M4V video - PowerPoint and audio combined 320 x 240 resolution (38.6 megs)

Files used in this workshop.  Save each of these files to your computer.

Software used in this workshop.



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